We have 12,765 Post Offices throughout the country.
Around 7,000 were open even during the lockdown.

The Group’s integrated multi-channel platform provides for the monitoring of customers through 3 channels:

  • the physical network of Post Offices flanked by a commercial network specialising in busi- ness customers;
  • a digital infrastructure made up of all the Group’s digital properties, capable of serving the entire national population;
  • Third-party networks, consisting of over 37 thousand retail outlets and the result of commer- cial partnership agreements for the marketing of Group products and services.

The customer physical contact channels are managed by two Poste Italiane functions dedi- cated to the sale of products and services and specialised by type of customer: Post Office Network and Business and Public Administration. Additional organisational guidance is provided by Group companies to support commercial development.

Commercial Network – Post Office Network

31 December 202031 December 2019
Post Office Network macro areas64736618
Branch offices1323,6611324,488
Post offices12,76551,21712,80952,947

Macro Areas Post Office Network

Geographical Distribution of Post Offices and Branches

Commercial Network – Business and Public Administration

Macro Areas Business and Public Administration

Digital web channels and apps

Outside post offices, the Group’s services are provided via digital channels (poste.it website and APPs), which in the 2020, showed significant development, amplified by the Covid-19 emergency and related travel restrictions.

For more details on 2020 performance, please refer to the section “Digital Properties, Third-Party Networks and Main KPIs”, in Chapter 6 “Performance”.

Third-party Networks

Poste Italiane has signed agreements with a large network of retail outlets (over 37 thousand at 31 December 2020). The main types of agreements entered into are listed below:

  • Proximity networks: partners that enable their local points of presence to offer Poste Italiane services to consumers (e.g.: tobacconists to pay slips, top up Postepay cards, accept/deliver parcels), ENI to pay slips, API to accept/deliver parcels, DO (organised distribution) and GDO (large organised distribution) to pay slips;
  • Placement Agents: partners, authorised by the Bank of Italy, which sell Poste Italiane’s financial products (e.g.: Lottomatica, which sells Poste Italiane’s full acquiring to the tobacconist network);
  • Technology Enablers: partners that enable Poste Italiane to sell its products to “third-party” customers via its own service platforms (iPratico, Team System for the sale of acquiring);
  • Partners: legal entities that offer their associates/stores the purchase of products directly from Poste Italiane, through the stipulation of “framework agreements” (e.g.: ENI and its distributors for the purchase of acquiring).