Always present

We are aware that only through a constant and concrete commitment to achieving common goals with our stakeholders, we can meet the new challenges of sustainable development and create shared value for the country.

Our role

Italy is growing. Thanks also to us.

Supporting Italy during
the pandemic and in the implementation of key
social initiatives

2020 Results

The 2020 results highlight this ability to know how to manage risks and seize opportunities, generating value not only for the Company, but for all stakeholders.

Integrity and transparency

People development

Driver of innovation and digitisation

Connecting Italy in the new hybrid world.

Sustainable growth

We have embarked on an important sustainability path, with a view to turning market challenges into opportunities for the creation of shared value for the benefit of Italy’s economic growth.

We want to grow
responsibly thanks to
the decisive contribution of
its people to the sustainable
success, innovation,
digitisation and social
cohesion of the

Integrity and transparency
People development
Customer experience
Diversity and inclusion
Support for local communities and the Country as a whole
Decarbonisation of real estate facilities and logistics
Sustainable finance