The performance of the SBU was positive both in terms of revenue, which grew in the electronic money and telecommunica- tions segments, and in terms of EBIT. Net result decreased due to non-recurring financial income recorded in 2019. Increased operations of payment cards, also thanks to the use of online channels, and the growth of the customer base in telephony have mitigated the negative effects of the health emergency.

The 2020 of the sector

Results and KPIs

External revenue664737+74+11.1%
Revenue from other sectors375341(34)-9.0%
Total revenue1,0391,079+40+3.8%
Costs vs other sectors418385(32)-7.8%
Total costs798820+22+2.8%
EBIT Margin %23.2%24.0%
NET PROFIT272194(78)-28.6%
Main KPIs20192020CHANGES
Total value of card transactions (“on us” and “off us”) (€m)*41,94448,7616,81716.3%
Total value of card transactions (“off us”) (€m)**33,06238,5635,50116.6%
Number of cards (m)***28.728.90.20.8%
of which Postepay cards (m)21.521.70.21.1%
of which Postepay Evolution cards (m)****
Number of card transactions (m)1,4391,5611228.5%
of which number of e-commerce transactions (m)250397147.158.9%
SIM PosteMobile landlines and mobile telephones (stock in thousand)4,4164,6232074.7%
of which mobile Sim (thousand)4,2154,3801653.9%
of which Casa Sim (thousand)2002434221.1%
MNP (Mobile Number Portability) – terminations (thousand)587528(59)-10.1%

* Transactions relating to payments made with Postamat and Postepay on internal and external payment circuits (“on us” and “off us”).
** Transactions relating to payments made with Postamat and Postepay on external payment circuits (“off us”).
*** Includes Postepay cards and debit cards.
**** Including business customers.


ROAD TO 2024

“2024 Sustain & Innovate” Strategy

Innovative digital platform for an integrated payment, telephony and energy offering

  • Strengthening leadership in digital payments
  • New TLC offer, for both mobile and fixed lines
  • Energy services from 2022, leveraging market liberalisation and customer confidence
MoneticsThe marketing of Postepay Connect, the offer that combines the Postepay Evolution prepaid card and the PosteMobile SIM card in a single app, has continued
The new Postepay Connect Back offer has been developed: up to €4 per month in cashback will be credited to the Postepay Evolution card for any unused Giga
The new Postepay PA offer has been developed: the prepaid card that allows public bodies to offer citizens a payment card on which to credit funds provided by the PA
The new Postepay Digital offer has been developed: a digital prepaid card that can be requested in the app and activated immediately
Provided support for the Cashless Italy Plan to encourage electronic payments
The Codice Postepay offer has been further developed, allowing payments to be made directly from the app by framing the QR Code
Further implementation of the collaboration with Lottomatica
Acquiring services for Public Administration implemented
Continued partnership with ENI through the activation of Postepay acquiring services
Implemented acquiring services in the transport sector
Collections and PaymentsConsolidated the role of Poste Italiane in the PagoPA system
Implemented new funds transfer service in collaboration with Western Union
TelecommunicationsNew PosteMobile Casa WEB service developed, the innovative internet connection solution with self-installing, portable modem and fast internet connection up to 300 Mbps
Continued development of the PosteMobile Casa Standard service, the voice traffic offer for the home
The marketing of PosteMobile Casa Internet, the voice and internet offer for the home, continued
Started collaborations with Open Fiber and TIM for the development of fiber optic services through ultra-broadband technologies