Poste Italiane is unique in Italy in terms of its size, recognition, capillarity and customer trust, and it is an integral part of the economic, social and productive fabric of the country. The Covid-19 pandemic, which has been part of everyday life for a long time, has taken the whole world by surprise, requiring great efforts from all economic operators to identify solutions aimed at ensuring people’s health and, at the same time, continuity of their business.

Poste Italiane, in compliance with Government measures on virus containment and interpersonal distancing, has implemented various initiatives and made them possible thanks to the commitment of the entire organisation, making its contribution to the entire country. The Group has reshaped the way in which it provides its services, constantly taking into account the evolution of the current epidemiological situation and the consequent Government measures on the subject. First of all, the Company has considered of fundamental importance to guarantee the protection of its employees’ health , adopting flexible forms of work (remote working) and providing personnel with all the tools and equipment they need to work in complete safety (e.g. PPEs, plexiglass panels, etc.), in cases of activities that are incompatible with the remote working model, such as postal and logistics activities.

The actions undertaken by the Group are consistent with the values recognised by Poste Italiane in relation to the sustainability strategy, based on eight Pillars, and in line with the recommendations of the Global Compact Network Italy, the UN PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) guidelines and the additional indications provided by the United Nations in relation to the impact of the Covid-19 emergency on SDGs.


21 February 2020 | Establishment of the Coronavirus Risk Management Committee, a body aimed at the unified and coordinated national governance of containment and prevention actions
Introduction of measures to reduce the level of potential contagion (remote working, travel management, provision of training initiatives exclusively online)
Constant distribution of PPEs to exposed personnel and cleaning and sanitising of workplaces and company fleet
26 March 2020 | Extension of employee Illness insurance policy
23 July 2020 | Signing of an annual agreement with the Labour Unions that calls for the payment of a performance bonus
Establishment of a dual communication channel to facilitate the flow of information
18 December 2020 | Signing of an Agreement with the Labour Unions to extend and regulate remote working activities
14 April 2020 | Signing Agreement with Assidipost-Federmanager for solidarity initiatives for executives
Guaranteed that employees will be able to undergo free swabs
Installation of thermal cameras to detect body temperature


Continuity of Post Office openings
Suspension of mortgages and loans
Adoption of measures to ensure distancing in Post Offices
Multi-channel approach, digital growth and adoption of tools to discourage cash use
Strengthening of Poste Digital Assistant
Communication activities to online and offline customers in order to make them adopt security measures to contain the spread of the virus
Simplification of succession claims in order to avoid customers having to go to the Post Office several times
New channels for reporting incidents in addition to the paper channel already available
Introduction of the possibility of opening a BancoPosta account via app as well
Installation of approximately 27,000 sustainable plexiglass barriers


Opening of an interactive channel with all the institutions potentially affected by the phenomenon and interaction with the government bodies in charge of crisis management. Constant monitoring of regulatory provisions relating to measures adopted by the authorities
Arrangements for maintaining the guarantee of services
Close collaboration with Labour Unions and constant updating with respect to the strengthening of measures to limit contagions and measures aimed at ensuring service continuity
UNI ISO 26000 certification, international standard for the adoption of sustainable development strategies, issued by DNV GL– Business Assurance
Certification of its environmental management system according to the international standard UNI EN ISO 14001:2015, issued by IMQ-CSQ
Participation in the second edition of the IPC (International Post Corporation) initiative “Green Postal Day”
Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Poste Italiane and ACI on safe driving and sustainable mobility
Agreement between Poste Italiane and Carabinieri for the payment and home delivery of pensions to citizens and the identification of a method of paying pensions in staggered form; synergies for the management of possible crowds outside Post Offices
Agreements with Local Administrations for the delivery of masks to the population and listening and proximity to institutions to offer solutions to emerging criticalities
Collaboration with the Italian government on the disbursement of the Inps bonus and the advance payment of ordinary and special redundancy payments to BancoPosta and Postepay Evolution customers
Implementation of a platform to facilitate the vaccination campaign
Logistical support for vaccine delivery
Continuous communication activities to national and local institutions aimed at raising awareness
Creation of a cycle of meetings “Atlas of Territories”, in order to discuss the aspirations and possibilities for change starting from the themes of health, solidarity, housing and territorial fragilities of the internal areas
Provision of financial, digital and postal education programmes
Implementation of TG Poste information channel with the aim of continuing the mission of presence and proximity to its employees
Introduction of solutions for the assignment of tax credits for companies and BancoPosta account holders (110% Superbonus and other tax bonuses)
Adherence to the initiatives “UNPRI engagement on Covid-19 response” and “European alliance for a green recovery”
Signing of the Climate Action 100+ Engagement Green Recovery
Adherence to the Access to Nutrition Index initiative
Definition of initiatives against gender-based violence
Positioning of Poste Italiane Group as one of the best employers for women in Italy, according to the research “Italy’s Best Employers for Women 2021” carried out by the Istituto Tedesco Qualità (ITQF)
Launch of “Smart Screening”, a service to help citizens with massive self- collection health screening programmes


Supplier assessment including Covid-19 risk analysis
Transparency in managing and maintaining relations with the supply chain
Respect for payment methods and times towards suppliers
Creation of a new logistics, ad hoc, supply network to import all the necessary safety devices
Hiring of specialised companies for the sanitation of the premises
Purchase and installation in every logistics site of chemical toilets for exclusive use of external couriers