The SBU’s operating results for the year continued to be solid, albeit slightly lower than in the previous year. The revenue recovery that began in June continued steadily into the second half of the year with last quarter revenue in line with the same quarter in 2019.
The CET 1 ratio at December 2020 stood at 18.1%, confirming BancoPosta’s capital strength.

2020 of the sector


External revenue5,1354,945(190)-3.7%
Revenue from other sectors691665(25)-3.7%
Total revenue5,8265,610(215)-3.7%
Costs vs other sectors4,8014,658(142)-3.0%
Total costs4,9514,745(207)-4.2%
EBIT Margin %15.0%15.4%
NET PROFIT640647+7+1.1%
Main KPIs20192020CHANGES
Total financial assets (€bn)536569336.1%
Net inflows (€m)2,95017,82714,878504.4%
Unrealized capital gains/(losses) (€m)1,1154,6533,539317.5%
Net capital gains (€m)339365267.7%
Current accounts (average deposits for the period in €bn)61.967.45.58.9%
Investment portfolio return*2.57%2.30%
Postal savings (average deposits in €bn)310.4315.65.31.7%
Loans (disbursed in €m)3,5832,932(651.5)-18.2%

* Excluding capital gains.


ROAD TO 2024

“2024 Sustain & Innovate” Strategy

Most trusted financial institution in Italy, benefiting from an omni-channel approach

  • Promoting diversification in asset allocation
  • Expansion of omni-channel for the Customer
  • Integration of non-life coverage into the investment offering

Postal SavingsDeveloped new interest-bearing postal certificates
Continued marketing of Supersmart offers
New solution implemented to subscribe to Certificates dedicated to minors
Current accountsProvided tax credit transfer service and implemented new promotions on the issue
Strengthened digital offer channel for retail current account products
Developed service model for Premium customers
Implemented promotions for Business and PA current accounts
Developed new current account service for the Small Business segment
Asset managementDeveloped new Mutual Investment Funds
Renewed and expanded the range of First and multi-class life policies
Renewed and concluded Obelisco Fund protection initiative
of third-party products
Evolution of Poste Italiane’s offer to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic
Implementation of the product for the advance redundancy payments and special arrangements for BancoPosta and Postepay Evolution customers
Developed new initiatives for BancoPosta loan holders
Other activitiesRenewed three-year agreement with the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) for the regulation of treasury services and the movement of funds on behalf of the State
Developed a new model of remote consulting for the placement of investment products