The Strategic Business Unit’s performance for the year reflects the acceleration of the decline in traditional mail affected by the effects of the lockdown and whose results are only partly offset by the sustained growth in parcels.

The 2020 of the sector

Results and KPIs

External revenue3,4923,201(292)-8.3%
Revenue from other sectors4,7234,633(90)-1.9%
Total revenue8,2157,833(382)-4.6%
Costs vs other sectors72731+1.9%
Total costs8,5628,422(141)-1.6%
EBIT Margin %-4,2%-7,5%
NET RESULT(306)(419)(113)-36.8%
Main KPIs20192020CHANGES
Mail and parcels
Revenue/FTE (€k)64.263.5(0.8)-1.2%
Parcels that can be delivered as standard mail (volumes in m)51.674.02243.6%
New Punto Poste Network (number of lockers and alternative collection points)6,28810,7994,51171.7%
Number of Post Offices12,80912,765(44)-0.3%
Number of customers (m)35.135.0(0.1)-0.3%
Rooms dedicated to consultancy6,7256,782570.8%
Postamat ATM network7,7277,9572303.0%


Road to 2024

“2024 Sustain & Innovate” strategy

Key logistics player for a sustainable business, accelerating the transition to the growing parcel market.

Evolution of the logistics network
B2C market leadership
Growth in C2X and B2B markets

ParcelsIntroduction of new aircraft and intensification of air connections to southern Italy
Acquisition of a shareholding in sennder Italia for the optimisation of road transport activities
Start of operations of new parcel sorting centres in central and northern Italy
Development of collaboration with Amazon
Development of collaboration with Zalando
Implementation of the new Punto Poste Da Te service, which, thanks to lockers installed in condominiums/company offices, makes it possible to collect, send and top up Postepay and SIM cards in complete autonomy
Additions made to the Poste Delivery service: the parcel delivery service for private individuals and businesses
Implementation of the new Poste Delivery Web service: the online service that allows sending parcels, up to 30 kg, throughout Italy and the world
Acquisition of an investment in MLK Deliveries in order to provide customers with advanced delivery services (e.g. agreed-upon hours)
Development of a new collaboration with Pharmap for the home delivery of medicines
Implementation of the new Poste Delivery Business service, the complete offer that provides several services dedicated to the recipient for the development of e-commerce
Acquisition of an investment in Sengi Express Limited for the development of the parcel business from China
MailAcquisition of the entire share capital of Nexive, for the rationalisation of the mail market value chain